Garden Grow Organic

Garden grow organic

Garden Grow Organic

Garden Grow is a specially formulated natural/organic manure. It is suitable for (home gardens and nurseries) ornamental plants, different flowering plants, medicinal plants, and all kinds of vegetables.

Garden Grow Organic Benefits:

Garden Grow is a Home garden fertilizer with many benefits-

1- Garden Grow helps in increasing the water holding capacity in the soil, helps in making the land friable, increases aeration in the soil and provides more oxygen to the root system. 

This, in turn, boosts root growth & root health.

2- The use of Garden Grow helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria by helping to prevent diseases occurring in the soil.

3- Garden Grow enables the Yellow leaves to turn Green and also boosts plant growth. It is the ultimate plant food that enhances flowering and reduces the dropping of foliage.

4- Regular use of Garden Grow, helps the plant roots to grow strong and enhances plant immunity.

5 – It is a natural product that helps you with Organic Gardening.

6- Being an organic fertilizer, Garden Grow is 100% safe for animals, birds, humans and the environment.

How to use Garden Grow Organic:

Use 50 to 100 grams of garden growth depending on the size and age of the plants. 

  • It is necessary to use Garden Grow every 30 days for best results.
  • Garden Grow should be mixed well with the soil of the pots and watered in the pots.
  • Garden Grow can be mixed with any kind of chemical or organic fertilizer.

Garden Grow, this is the only complete nutritious fertilizer, which makes plants strong from inside and green from outside.