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7 ways to keep your plants healthy.

A garden is the main attraction of any house and contributes significantly to the selling price of the house. It is important because it also has many health benefits. However, be careful. A picturesque and fertile garden takes a lot of time, attention and care.

Use a natural fertilizer / give an organic diet 

Plants constantly need fertilizers to promote growth and colour formation. Therefore, know the right natural fertilizer for the type of plant you have in your garden and use it as recommended. 

Garden Grow organic is a specially formulated organic/natural compost manure. It is ideal for (home gardens and nurseries) ornamental plants, different flowering plants, medicinal plants, all kinds of vegetables. 

Shower love on the soil.

Of course, feeding your plants is important, but did you think about what you can achieve by doing the same on your soil? Adding compost manure to the soil covers this important aspect of low maintenance gardening. It helps to build up soil and helps plants “digest” the diet more easily. And the best part is that you only have to do this once a year! Simply sprinkle mineral additives under the annual compost layer and you are all set to go.

Use the best natural fertilizer Garden Grow organic to avoid negative impact on the soil.

Water the plants regularly

Watering the plants helps to naturally moisten the soil. If the soil is too dry or submerged in water, it can hinder plant growth. In some cases, too little or too much water can even destroy the plant. Plants with lush-green, thick leaves require more water than plants with waxy or leather-like leaves.


If you see mold growing on the surface of the soil or if there is water at the bottom of the container, it means that the plant is submerged. It is advisable to water when the soil of a plant becomes lighter or appears to be cracked. Standing water can kill plants. If you see water in or under the pot, pour it. 

Let the right tools do all the work

Depending on how near and sophisticated your garden is, you will need different tools to get the job done. If you have only a few potted plants, some hand tools are sufficient.


However, once you have laid out a complete garden with rows of plants to harvest, you will need more robust tools to complete the work.


Here’s an effortless way of Gardening. Use smart gardening tools-Garden Tool Kit to grow a healthy garden. Using the right tools can double your harvest and grow a Healthy Garden. Click on the link to order your garden tool kit.

Pull out weeds. 

Weeds are quite deadly as they absorb water from plants and the nutrients you give them. This leads to the fact that plants become weak and can even die. To allow the plant to absorb all the nutrients and breathe freely, remove all possible weeds in the garden. Use pesticides or farm tools for this task. 

Trim damaged limbs at the right time 

Cutting trees and shrubs at the end of winter is better than waiting until spring. Injured limbs can become infected in winter and can develop illness when the plant is inoperative. 

Pruning at the end of winter prevents the disease from spreading to new growth. Storms can cause new damage at the end of winter, but it is better to prune broken branches than to ignore them until spring.

Always use sharp tools to create clean cuts that heal quickly and ensure healthy and living tissue cuts. 

Leave a space between the plants.

This is important to give more space for growing and even to spread the roots, without the plants getting entangled with each other. It also makes plant care easier, especially when weeding and pruning. 


  1.  Quickly remove damaged / diseased plants.
  2.  Spend 5-10 minutes in your garden every day.
  3.  Do not use very cold water or hot water.
  4. Prefer using organic manure.


Our entire range of products is more environmentally friendly than most synthetic chemical products on the market. Follow all the instructions to get the results you want. Find out about the use of the product. H. Only when needed. 


Happy gardener, happy garden