3 Gardening Essentials You Must Have.​

New to gardening? We got you covered! A small cactus above your kitchen counter or lush white jasmine flowers out in the verandah, gardening is a hobby to practice in peace. Be it kitchen gardening, flower plants, or garden houses, one cannot dismiss the joy of witnessing a seed you nurture every day grow into a beautiful plant. However, before you roll your sleeves and get your hands soiled in the mud, some elements make your gardening experience easier, better, and soothing. Just as it should be. From manure to small hand weeder, Agrigro delivers premium quality products that make sure you see your plants growing and healthy. 

Here are the gardening essentials by AgriGro you must-have when starting with this calming hobby. Garden has a range of organic products that optimize the growth of your dear plants. And for people who have just stepped into this beautiful dessert of soil called gardening, we have three products that emphasize making a beginner’s experience better through the use of these products. Our three products are: 

What is manure and why is it Gardening Essentials?

Garden Grow Organic

One of the simplest, but most effective, organic matter- Manure originated in the very early days of farming. It is the most ancient and widely used natural fertilizer.Despite modern farm innovations like various mineral fertilizers, natural manure is still used and regarded as a valuable gardening practice for improving soil fertility. Manure is a completely natural and organic way for soil improvement. 

What is manure and why is it Gardening Essentials?

Manure, in its true sense, is the Gardening essentials decomposed compost, vermicompost, neem fruit powder, amino acids, soluble humates, and fulvic acid with oregano and is applied to the soil to boost productivity. It is the natural and purest form of fertilizer. As the soil absorbs manure, nutrients are released, improving the soil; benefiting the plants. The ability of Garden Grow Organic to condition the soil is the most important advantage of using it in the garden. Mixing it with sandy soils, for example, helps to retain moisture levels. Adding the manure to compacted soil aids in soil loosening. It increases soil carbon, which is an important source of energy that allows plants to access nutrients. Other advantages of manure include reduced runoff and nitrate leaching in the soil. This is why AgriGro produces premium and organic manure for your garden that helps grow a sustainable home garden and nursery-Garden Grow.

How to use Garden Grow Organic?

  • Garden Grow is recommended at the rate of 50g to 100g per plant depending upon its age & size. Repeat the application after every 30 days for better results. 
  • Mix Garden Grow properly with the top layer of soil & water the plant accordingly.
  • You can also apply Garden Grow along with Organic and Chemical fertilizers if required.

Garden Health Kit

While planting a garden, fungus and pests are a gardener’s true enemies. Kitchen gardens and nurseries face this problem alike.  The pesticides and fungicides available in the market are not as effective because the required quantity of the spray is low. Hence, AgriGro’s Garden Health Kit is a simple 3 in 1 power-packed Health Kit:

Garden Health Treatment 1 : This liquid is useful for the immobilization fork-shaped of insects, pests if found on garden plants.

Garden Health Treatment 2 This is a natural formula that contains an alexin synthesizing compound that increases the disease defensive mechanism for garden plants to prevent fungal disease.

Garden Health Treatment No 3 :This is a combination of marine seaweed extract along with hydrolyzed protein for boosting the health of garden plants thereby helping in better vegetative growth, profuse flowering, and luster fork-shaped.

Garden Tool Kit

Now that you have all the right material by your side to make your garden bloom, we must keep in mind that every artist needs tools to make the art happen. Similarly, a gardener needs the best gardening tools setAmong the dozens of tools you can use while gardening, AgriGro’s Garden Tool Kit has the four premium quality tools that are Gardening Essentials. 

Following the 4 tools by AgriGro that will help your garden be lush and growing:

Hand Trowel

Ask any gardener about gardening essentials tools and the first tool they will mention is a Hand Trowel. It just has to be in a tool kit. This spoon-shaped tool is used from planting containers to transplanting plants. 

Hand Weeder 

Your pretty garden might look disrupted because of the extra, unwanted weeds that grow on the soil. A Hand Weeder will pierce through the roots of these weeds and with one pull, they will be out of the soil. 

Hand Cultivator

Another hardworking tool in our Gardening Essentials tool kit is the small but sharp Hand Cultivator. This fork-shaped tool consists of a set of tines, usually three, attached to a sturdy handle.  Removing the strong and deep-rooted weeds becomes an easy task with a hand cultivator.


Why keep up with wilted buds and dried stems when you can simply clip them off! Secateurs, also known as clippers, are useful in chopping and trimming the shrubs, removing dead growth, and keeping your garden lush green.  AgriGro’s premium quality secateurs are long-lasting, sleek, and sharp, enabling easy trimming of unwanted stems, weeds, and branches.

This trio of our Gardening Essentials is all you need to start with the organic and healthy growth of your garden. Measured and consistent use of these products would prove as perfect companions, reducing the labor and improving the efficiency of your garden.

Happy gardening!

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