When we care for the soil The soil gives back.

About us

We aim at improving your life by solving the problem of your garden plants. Busy schedules, zero-knowledge, inappropriate care may affect your plants severely. With due care, diligence and the right products you can revive your plants in no time. Don’t have time to feed your love for Gardening? Worry not! Our one-stop products-Garden Grow, Garden Health Kit and Garden Tool Kit will give you a dream-like garden. Having a green thumb is history. Go worry-free with our products.

Our Products


Ram Guha

I used Garden Health Kit to keep my flower plants healthy, and it did wonders as it removed all the pests.
Thanks Agrigro

Sania Shaikh

A nice fertilizer for a kitchen garden. I chose this fertilizer because it was Organic. It absolutely met my demand. I think I have found my go-to fertilizer.

Manpreet Bagga

These are heavy-duty gardening tools. I grew my entire terrace garden using these 4 tools. Quite impressed with the sturdiness and ergonomic quality. Thanks, AgriGro.

Jay Paund

I used Agri Gro products on my colleague's recommendation. And I am more than Happy. It saved my dying plants and now my garden blooms with colourful flowers.